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Mmm! A taste of Rhode Island

Bacon and Radicchio
Bacon and Radicchio
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When someone asks if I want to attend something called Taste of Rhode Island, that’s a no brainer!

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend the Taste of Rhode Island Winter Menu Showcase at the beautiful Roger Williams Botanical Center in Providence.

This was a nice bookend to the Taste of Rhode Island event held in June at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick.

For me there were some returning favorites, including the Bourbon Bacon with pickled onions served up by Fleming’s Steakhouse. It is the two-time winner of the Mario Hilario Mmm Award!

I also got to try the winner of the Lindsay Iadeluca Rhody Foody award: the Pork Belly Breakfast Slider from Howie’s in North Providence.

The quail egg on top a delicacy I had never tried before and made for an impressive breakfast sandwich!

I got my pasta fix from La Massaria with a couple of delicious sauces: a red wine mushroom truffle oil and a bacon and radicchio pink sauce, both of which really hit the spot!

The Catering Gourmet catered to my love of bacon (see a pattern here?) with a truffle risotto with smoked gouda cream, grilled corn, asparagus, candied butternut squash and crumbled bacon. A delicious blend of Fall flavors on a nice November night.

Things really got cheesy at the Narragansett Creamery Table which featured Olive Treasure, a salty sea feta with kalamata olives, Angelito Herb & Garlic, a flavored cream cheese, and Crescendo, a smooth silky spreadable cheese. Next to bacon, I think cheese is my next favorite food to devour in all shapes and sizes.

There were also many local establishments offering beverages to complement the food I was digesting. One of my favorites was Foolproof Brewing Company offering Ocean State IPA, Ocean State Lager and a Peanut Butter Porter.

And of course I couldn’t leave without dessert! Chapel Grille served up a warm Apple Crisp (yes more apples!)

And Warwick Ice Cream was scooping out a fan favorite: Yawgoo Valley S’mores!

There were other great restaurants I got to try and many more I did not. As much as I love to eat, even I have my limits! But overall it was wonderful to experience the cuisine of so many great local eateries in a beautiful Rhode Island setting.

Enjoying good food with good friends really makes you appreciate what little Rhody has to offer! Until next time, may all of your days be filled with Mmms!

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