Watchdog groups call for 38 Studios investigation

The call for an investigation into 38 studios will be followed up by an effort to get citizens to join in the effort.

The call for an investigation into 38 Studios will be followed up by an effort to get residents{}to join in the effort.{}Ken Block from wants citizens to contact their representatives. {}

"We want to bury them in emails from irate taxpayers demanding the answers to this, and we are going to be asking lawmakers to take a position to ask whether{} or not they agree we should have an open and transparent process," Block said Friday{}on a taping of "10 News Conference."Also calling for an independent investigation is Mike Stenhouse, from the Rhode Island{}Center for Freedom and Prosperity.{}He said he believes it is not about finding out if any laws were broken so much as letting the public know who put the 38 Studios deal together.

"We need to know who was involved, what they did. That needs to be exposed to the voters so they can decide if they want to vote them back into office next time,"{}Stenhouse said.

He and Block both believe the investigation is needed to clear the air{}and remove suspicion from future legislative and executive actions.{}

Block's point, future public-private partnerships will not be fairly judged as long as voters continue to have no faith in their elected representatives.

"I don't think Rhode Island can move forward economically until we have until we have answers to what happened with 38 Studios,"{}Block said.

Their call for an independent investigator is paired with a demand for the records in the current lawsuit to be unsealed for the public to see, and for the House Oversight Committee to be allowed to issue subpoenas in its effort to unravel the genesis of state support for the failed video game company.

Rhode Island{}Taxpayers and Operation Clean Government joined in the call for an investigation.{} Block said{}he will soon put up a website under the name

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