Consumer Alert: Does trip insurance cover volcanic eruptions in Hawaii?

For weeks, Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii has been spitting lava, ash and toxic gas.

For weeks, Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii has been spitting lava, ash and toxic gas.

The volcanic eruptions have forced thousands of residents to evacuate.

“Over the last week, we've seen a dramatic increase in calls,” said Cheryl Golden, who is the director of sales and marketing at Warwick-based InsureMyTrip.

Golden said many travelers are worried the eruptions could ruin their Hawaiian vacation.

“People who have policies are concerned, will they be covered?” said Golden. “And those who don't have policies want to know, can they buy something?”

The good news? The volcanic activity isn't happening in tourist areas. So, even if you're going to the Big Island, you probably won't see anything.

“Are you going to be impacted at all by this volcano?” asked NBC10’s Emily Volz.

“No, it's very isolated,” said Golden. “We would recommend go, have a great time.”

But, because of that, right now you wouldn't be covered if you cancelled and tried to collect under traditional trip insurance.

“I'd say your best option is to buy a policy that includes, ‘Cancel for Any Reason,’ coverage,” said Golden.

The coverage is pricier at about eight to 10 percent of the total cost of your trip.

But if the idea of going on a vacation two hours from an exploding volcano isn't relaxing, it might be worth it.

“At this point, we would encourage travel. You know, buy travel insurance and you should be fine,” said Golden. “If things do start to change from our current situation, that's when travel insurance would kick in.”

Golden said if the eruptions worsen and there’s an evacuation notice in the city you’re traveling to, that’s when traditional trip insurance would kick in.

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