Consumer Advocate: New Social Security scam targeting southern New Englanders

    Consumer Advocate: New Social Security scam targeting southern New Englanders

    There's a new phone scam targeting southern New Englanders.

    The Social Security Administration is issuing a warning, telling the public not give callers any information.

    It the kind of message that catches your attention: “There is enforcement actions filed on your social security number for fraudulent activity.”

    Agents from the real Social Security Administration warn NBC 10 News they've seen a huge increase in scams, where callers pretend to work for their office.

    “There's certainly been an uptick within the last year all over New England,” said Adam Schneider, resident agent-in-charge at the Boston Field Division of the SSA.

    Schneider said there are a few variations of this scam, but the goal is pretty much the same. SSA imposters want to trick you into revealing your social security number.

    “They're automated calls that are being received from various people all over New England,” said Schneider. “The callers are asking people to call back a number, the caller is identifying himself as either an employee of the SSA or a Special Agent for the Office of the Inspector General.”

    Several viewers have reached out to NBC 10, saying they've received the call. Consumer Advocate Emily Volz went to the Social Security Administration's Regional Headquarters in Boston to find out more.

    Agents said scammers sometimes threaten legal action and other times they promise to secure their information for a price.

    “In many cases, the person's goal is to obtain personally identifiable information from the person, and in other cases, they're advanced fee scams,” said Schneider.

    Schneider said scammers are always tweaking their tactics to trick new victims.

    He said regardless of who gives you a ring, or a text, or an email. If they're asking for personal information, don't give it to them.

    “It would be best to hang up on that call, call your local office and verify the authenticity,” said Schneider.

    There are a many legitimate Social Security Administration Offices in Southern New England.

    To find your closest office, click here.

    If you get one of the scam calls, the Office of the Inspector General is asking that you report it here.

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