Spring Cleaning Club: Get the garage ready for spring

A professional organizer says figure out what you need in your garage and donate the rest. (WJAR)

After a long winter collecting cobwebs, your garage or shed could probably use a little love.

"Garages tend to become a dumping ground," said professional organizer Kate Bosch. "Because it's not the space that you live in everyday, so you can kind of just offload things that you don't want to deal with in your house and then it becomes a big pile."

Bosch said instead, figure out what you need in your garage and donate the rest.

"I think the garage is also key for the season. We're closer to the beach now and we're going to be spending more time there," says Lilly Picchione of East Greenwich. "So, I want to get the beach stuff ready, and most of all I want the bikes to be out."

Picchione and her family just moved to a new home in East Greenwich, and Bosch is helping them get organized.

First, clear out the cobwebs. Literally.

"I usually work ceiling down. So, get a duster out there. Get those cobwebs out. Dust off the tops of everything. And then sweep the floors, open up the garage doors to get some air circulation,” explained Bosch.

Once you've cleaned and purged, get organized.

Big items like bikes and lawn mowers need to be easily accessible.

Plastic shelves are an inexpensive and effective way to organize sports equipment and garden tools.

The Picchiones already have shelving installed.

"What we want to do is organize it so that it's kind of in kits that she can grab and go," Bosch said.

Bosch said try not to store indoor stuff in your garage. Most basements offer better climate control.

If you're storing pet food or bird seed in the garage, keep it in metal bins that rodents can't chew through.

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