Spring Cleaning Club: Tackle the basement chaos

    Professional organizer Kate Bosch says plastic storage bins are the key to taming the chaos in your basement. (WJAR)<p>{/p}

    It's spring cleaning season, and few tasks are more daunting than cleaning the basement.

    "It was just a mess," says Cumberland resident Melissa Gay.

    Gay hired professional organizer Kate Bosch to help tame the chaos in her basement.

    Bosch says start by breaking your basement into zones: seasonal decorations in one area, rarely used kitchen supplies in another, etc.

    Then invest in plastic storage bins.

    "Cardboard boxes are really problematic in basements, especially in New England," warns Bosch. "Basements can be really damp so cardboard will disintegrate and it won't protect anything that's in it. Mold can build up and stuff."

    For additional waterproofing, bring in used pallets. Many local companies will give them to you for free.

    "We did additional waterproofing by raising them up. We had some pallets and some different things to raise them, in case any moisture got onto the basement floor," Bosch said.

    When storing bins, big piles are the enemy.

    The ideal is one row of bins against the wall, no more than two bins high, so everything is accessible. Keep them away from the boiler, and clearly label them.

    Gay has been the proud owner of an organized basement for a few months now, and she says, she's never going back.

    "Oh yeah, my shoulders are lighter," says Gay

    Bosch has more tips to keep moisture out of your basement. You can find those tips by joining Emily's Spring Cleaning Club on Facebook.

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