Spring Cleaning Club: Time to deep clean your kitchen

Your kitchen cleaning routine should include wiping down the outsides and insides of the cabinets. (WJAR)

It's spring cleaning season, though we're hoping you clean this high-traffic area more than once a year.

Kitchens require routine maintenance.

But there are some extra steps you should take every few months to keep everything clean and organized.

"We all probably clean our kitchens frequently. We're always wiping up spills, things like that," said professional organizer Kate Bosch, "But things you might not think about are wiping down the outsides of the cabinets, especially around the stove, things can get kind of grimy and greasy."

She added: "Open up the cabinets. Now is a great time to take everything out and wipe down the insides of your cabinets too, that can trap dust and dirt."

Bosch took the NBC 10 I-Team inside her equally organized friend Rachel's kitchen to show us what we should be doing.

Rachel changes her sponges and dishrags often. She recommends microfiber cloths.

"The microfiber helps because you don't have to use as many chemicals on your surfaces if you use the microfiber, because it really traps the dirt well," said Bosch.

Wipe down the outside and inside of the fridge every spring.

"Take the time to pull out the doors, and some of these can go in the dishwasher," said Bosch of the door bins. "If they're removable, just throw them in the dishwasher. If not, just wipe them really well with a cloth."

While you're in the fridge, check the expiration dates on everything inside. The same goes for your pantry.

"So what you want to do is, anything expired obviously you can get rid of that. And if something is close to the expiration date, I like to put it close to the edge so that I know to use that up quickly," Bosch said.

Remember: Food can spoil before the expiration date.

Bosch has a very effective trick for determining if the food in your fridge or freezer is safe, you can find it by joining Emily's Spring Cleaning Club on Facebook.

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