Spring Cleaning: Get ready to clear the clutter

NBC 10 Consumer Advocate Emily Volz and a professional organizer will help you with spring cleaning during the month of May.

Spring is in the air, and after a long, cold winter, chances are your home could use a refresh.

But spring cleaning can be daunting, as we found out from some shoppers in Garden City.

"Well at least once a week, when something looks a little bit ... like it needs a finishing touch," said one shopper.

"It's hard getting motivated after -- you feel like especially if you have children," added another shopper. "It's like right after you clean, you turn around and have to start all over again."

Researchers from Offers.com found many of us would even swear off our favorite vices if it meant no more cleaning.

"I would give up sweets," one shopper declared.

"Um, no, not sweets, I could give up alcohol," her friend said.

The reality is you can't trade vodka for vacuuming, so professional organizer Kate Bosch is going to walk you through it.

This month, NBC 10 is teaming up with Bosch to learn the easiest and most effective ways to clear the clutter, and were inviting you to join the club.

From kitchen clutter to basement chaos, we’ll tackle the most tedious tasks all month on NBC 10 News Sunrise.

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