Spring Cleaning Club: Organize your closet

    Professional organizer Kate Bosch says thoroughly clean your closet when switching from winter to summer.

    Closets are almost always crammed, but you can find some spare space.

    "A lot of New England homes have tiny closets or, like we did, we made a closet where there wasn't one," professional organizer Kate Bosch said. "So you might not have room, and you need to put the winter stuff away."

    It's finally time to pack up those coats, hats and scarves. But Bosch said don't stash them just yet!

    "You don't want to put anything away dirty, so either run them through the washing machine if that's appropriate for the coat, or bring them to the dry cleaner and have them do any necessary repairs before you store it for the season," Bosch said.

    Seal your winter gear in airtight bags to maximize space and keep out moths.

    Step two: clean the closet.

    "I have my little Dustbuster, so I get into the closet here, once I remove the coats and clean everything out," Bosch said.

    Next: bring in the summer stuff.

    "What I do, I have this really easy bin storage system that I keep all my summer stuff in," said Bosch.

    Organize all your beach gear in a way that makes sense -- not just to you, but to your kids. Consider giving each child his or her own bin, so they don't rummage through the entire closet.

    "Everything is right here and ready for summer use once the weather warms up," said Bosch.

    Bosch also has some helpful tips when it comes to organizing all the sunscreens and bug sprays you've accumulated over the years. You'll find those tips if you join Emily’s Spring Cleaning Club on NBC 10's Facebook page.

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