NBC 10 I-Team: Warrant issued for Vinny Paz on one count of felony assault

Vinny Paz (WJAR file photo)

Vinny Paz is once again facing legal troubles.

The Providence Police Department on Tuesday issued an arrest warrant for the former boxing champion in connection with an early morning attack at a Providence apartment building.

Nathaniel Lavoie’s black and blue left eye was nearly swollen shut as he left police headquarters.

Witnesses in a police report said Paz showed up at a Hawkins Street apartment building and began banging loudly on the door around midnight with his girlfriend.

A woman there said the ex-champ, who they knew, rushed inside and accused Lavoie of stealing $16,000 from him.

Lavoie claimed the argument got physical, that Paz punched him in the face multiple times causing him to lose and break several teeth. The man told police Paz also bit him on his hand, before taking off with his girlfriend in a black Jeep Cherokee with temporary tags.

Paz took to Twitter and said he's the victim in all this. He direct messaged NBC 10 I-Team reporter Parker Gavigan and wrote, "this kid robbed me."

A check of state court records and NBC 10 archives showed Lavoie has a long rap sheet and has served time in prison.

Five years ago, Lavoie was accused of beating a woman into critical condition.

As for the latest incident with Paz, Lavoie was defense about being a thief.

“He's an idiot. I didn't steal nothing. I don't need to steal from nobody,” Lavoie said.

Paz didn't answer the door at his Warwick home on Tuesday, but a black Jeep Cherokee with temporary tags was sitting in his driveway. He called Gavigan on the phone and said he has video proof from his home security system that Lavoie robbed him.

When asked if would consider turning himself in, Paz said he needed to check with his lawyer.

A spokesperson for Providence police told the NBC 10 I-Team the warrant for Paz is for one count of felony assault.

Sources told NBC 10 that Paz plans to surrender to authorities Wednesday morning.

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