NBC 10 I-Team: Vinny Paz's home slated for auction

Retired boxer Vinny Paz's Warwick home slated for auction. (WJAR)

The tough times continue for retired Rhode Island boxing champ Vinny Paz.

Paz’s home on Tivoli Court in Warwick is scheduled to go up for public auction at 1 p.m. on May 30, according to a legal notice posted in the Providence Journal.

It appears the auction is in response to a mortgage foreclosure.

According to the ad, "The premises described in the mortgage will be sold ... by virtue of the power of sale contained in a mortgage ... the conditions of said mortgage having been broken."

A records search revealed several liens against Paz’s property.

A federal tax lien still exists from 2008 and a state lien from 2009 has not been forgiven, according to records reviewed by the NBC 10 I-Team.

Paz is consistently ranked among the top Rhode Island tax delinquents. In March, he was listed at No. 10, with $375,483 owed to the state.

Paz is years past his fighting days and multimillion-dollar boxing payouts.

Paz was reached via Twitter and said, "Everything is cool. Not talking about my house ... all is good."

The former boxer has had a couple brushes with the law this year.

He was charged with assault in January after a fight with a former friend. He pleaded no contest in March to assaulting his girlfriend. Paz’s girlfriend later told NBC 10 she caused the injuries herself.

As for the potential foreclosure on Paz’s home, Cranston tax attorney Michael Napolitano said don’t count the former champ out yet, if negotiating doesn’t work.

"Just before they foreclose, he can file for bankruptcy and there would be an automatic stay. That would postpone the sale, but not stop it," said Napolitano.

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