What to buy for school now and later

Whether you like it or not, it's time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping. (WJAR)

It's time to start checking off that list.

From binders and folders to crayons and markers, the back-to-school shopping list for Maland Stanfield’s kids is extensive.

The Providence resident stopped by Target at the Warwick Mall to purchase school supplies, but she tells NBC 10 News it would be impossible to finish shopping in one trip. That might not be a bad thing.

NBC 10 asked the folks at Target at the Warwick Mall what you can wait to buy, and what's on sale now.

“Notebooks for instance, different colored notebooks for different subjects, binders for some of the kids, scissors, rulers, glue sticks,” said Tom Antuono, store manager, listing off some of the biggest deals.

When it comes to classic school supplies, Antuono says you're going to see the deepest discounts right now. The same applies for electronics like laptops and tablets, and dorm room must-haves, like hampers and hangers.

Retailers are even discounting your kid's favorite lunch box snacks.

And of course, there are big deals on back to school clothing, especially jeans and tee shirts.

But you may want to wait to buy the cooler weather gear.

“As the seasons come closer, the clothes, the styles get switched over and the winter clothes will start coming in,” Antuono said.

Backpacks are another pricier item that often get discounted after the back to school rush.

“Anything that's kind of left over later gets marked down a little bit,” Antuono said.

But he cautions, “If you're coming a little bit later, you may not have quite the selection that you want.”

The key is to plan ahead. If you know where you'll be back to school shopping, download that store's app. Target's cartwheel app, for example, offers additional discounts, exclusive to app users.

That’s important, because this time of year, every penny counts.

“Once they graduate, they can pay me back,” Stanfield quipped.

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