How to organize the chaos

A professional organizer says every home should have a "command center" where the family communicates. (WJAR)

Children in Southern New England are heading back to school, which means life might be getting a bit chaotic.

NBC 10 News stopped by The Container Store in Garden City to get some organizational tips from the experts.

“In August, everyone is fully focused on getting their house and their kids back in order,” said Jennifer O’Neill, general manager of The Container Store.

O’Neill’s best advice? Create a command center in your home.

“When you have a family and a busy schedule, you all need to be on the same page,” said O’Neill.

Pick a high traffic area to display the family schedule.

“When children are younger and they're starting to learn how to organize their day, they need to see it,” she explained.

Then put a cork board or a few bins next to the schedule where kids can drop off important things like permission slips.

“Every home needs a bin or a box to toss things, that you can sort through later," O'Neill said.

You can even assign your kids individual bins at the command center, giving them some responsibility at home.

Speaking of responsibility, reorganizing your pantry and showing your kids where everything is can make lunch prep a little easier.

“One of the biggest trends we see is people trying to create solutions that their children can go into and make their own lunches or snack perhaps,” says O’Neill.

She says keeping students organized can make parents’ lives easier. Simple supplies like dividers in lockers can make a world of difference, by maximizing space.

If you're struggling to sort it all out -- local organizers can come to your home and help.

The Container Store has professional organizers that make house calls.

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