Connect to the Capitol: Raimondo says she 'cannot support' high-speed train service plan

NBC 10's Dan Jaehnig speaks to Gov. Gina Raimondo about a rally that took place at the Rhode Island State House Wednesday, as protestors are opposing major changes proposed for Amtrak's Boston-to-Washington Northeast Corridor route.

A plan to upgrade the 8-state passenger rail corridor over the coming decades was unveiled in December, with comments originally due by Jan. 31.

But a portion of the plan that recommends building a new bypass for high-speed rail travel through coastal eastern Connecticut and southwest Rhode Island has met strong opposition.

"I've spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks listening to the people of South County -- Charlestown and Richmond -- and I cannot support the plan that's before us now mainly because I've become convinced by the community that there's environmental issues, preservation issues, quality of life issues," Raimondo told Jaehnig. "Quite frankly, I think the FRA can come up with a better plan. So, I'm going to be submitting a letter to the FRA, essentially withdrawing Rhode Island's support for the plan as it exists and asking them to come up with a better plan, which is better for the people of Rhode Island."

Raimondo also spoke with Jaehnig about her free college tuition plan, as well as President Donald Trump’s border wall.

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