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Brown study finds the number of teachers leaving Providence school has increased

Providence School Department. (WJAR){ }
Providence School Department. (WJAR)
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A new study from Brown University is shedding light on teacher retention and staffing challenges in Providence schools.

The report shows that teaching vacancies in Providence public schools remain high and it’s been harder to hang onto teachers since the pandemic.

However, they say the overall story is more mixed.

The study shows that the number of unfilled jobs is not unprecedented this year and teacher retention is higher than in many other districts in the country.

The report, from Brown University’s Annenberg Institute, shows more teachers are leaving Providence to go to other districts in the state compared to teachers from outside the district coming in.

It says while the applicant pool has grown, it’s still too small to meet demand.

While retention remains relatively high at 88% - turnover has been driven by an increase in retirements and resignations among early and mid-career teachers.

The report says the district should expect more turnover but substitutes and teacher assistants represent a growing and more diverse pathway to the classroom.

The findings have been shared with Providence Public Schools.

The superintendent says the district has started its hiring process earlier than in years past and is offering a wide array of incentives to attract top talent to the area.

The institute has more information on the recruitment and retention of Providence teachers online.

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