'Start The Par-dee': Donny Osmond raps with Lil Yachty in Chef Boyardee throwback campaign

    Donny Osmond raps with Lil Yachty in new Chef Boyardee throwback campaign video released on Friday, August 17, 2018. (Photo: Chef Boyardee Throwback via YouTube)

    (KUTV) — Chef Boyardee is throwing it back to the classics with a new "when past meets present' campaign featuring Donny Osmond and rapper Lil Yachty.

    The campaign promises "high-quality ingredients reminiscent of those The Real Chef Boyardee would serve up."

    The company chose Osmond and Lil Yachty, two diverse musical talents, to re-imagine the "Thank Goodness for Chef Boyardee" jingle.

    The resulting jingle "Start The Par-dee" features Lil Yachty's hook and a solo feature by Osmond.

    A tweet from Osmond announced the video on Monday.

    The jingle features a rapped verse from Osmond:

    My name is Donny-O / And you know I love my ravi-o / I'm gonna let you know / Sauce it up, sauce it up, here we go / Give me more cheese, life is a breeze / When me and Yachty party we call in Chef Boyardee.

    The remix incorporates elements from classic Chef Boyardee campaigns from the 1980s, like this one:

    The remix and accompanying ad campaign promises a return to the brand's wholesome roots using ingredients like "real Romano cheese, Angus beef and California tomatoes."

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