Fort Adams being transformed for Newport Folk Festival

Crews are getting Fort Adams in Newport ready for the Newport Folk Festival. (WJAR)

The Sunday before the start of the Newport Folk Festival is when all of the stages are erected for both that event and the Jazz Festival on the following weekend.

"We call this day stage up, so this is a big day for us. We've actually been here for two weeks, building the site to get to this point," said Tim Tobin, long time site coordinator for the Newport Festivals Foundation.

Tobin says what helps it all come together in the final days is that they have many of the same crew members that come back year after year.

"I’ll say ‘well this has to be done or that has to be done,’ and most of the time the answer I get is done; so it's great having the same people who know what the routine is."

The stages are just part of the massive transformation that takes part at historic Fort Adams State Park.

"We bring in all the staging, the craft booths, all of the facilities for the performers and the audience and the staff," said Danny Melnick, Newport Jazz Festival producer.

Melnick says what makes the Newport festivals unique is that Fort Adams is unlike any other venue he’s worked with in that they have to build everything from scratch.

"But it is also exciting because we can create it and craft it the way we want it to be and every year we try to shift it around a bit make it better for the artist better for the audience," said Melnick, who added Fort Adams is a favorite place to perform for so many of the artists.

"They love the feeling of the fort, love being on the water, they love in the intimacy of it," he said.

"This is where festivals started right here; they really are a treasure to the state of Rhode Island," said Tobin.

The Newport Folk Festival runs Friday through Sunday and is sold out.

The Newport Jazz Festival runs Aug. 4-6 and still has tickets available all three days.

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