4th Annual PVDFest

4th Annual PVDFest (WJAR).

The fourth annual PVD Fest kicked off in Providence on Saturday.

It's a celebration of culture and the arts that has grown each year. In 2017, the economic impact was more than $2 million dollars for the city and it's expected to be even larger this year.

“There’s nothing like this," said Matt Schwetz, of Attleborough. "You don’t get this everywhere. If you go to New York City, or someplace huge, you’re not gonna get this.”

“It’s awesome, we’ve seen all sorts of people around here," added Brannon Niblock, here from Seattle visiting her friend Jenn Perkins. Both are experiencing the festival for the first time.

“Everyone can just kind of get out in the crowd and kind of immerse themselves," Perkins said.

There are artistic performances from all over the world as well as locally. For the city's department of art, culture, and tourism, this is a unique way to put Providence on the map.

“[The performers are] able to really capture their imagination here in the city of Providence. People looking for those magical moments. Those unforgettable performances," said department director, Stephanie Fortunato.

PVDFest continues on Sunday from 12-6 pm.

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