A local shelter under quarantine after a puppy died of a virus


The East Providence animal shelter is seeking donations after staff had to throw out all of its supplies.

The reason: some puppies rescued from alleged squalid conditions on Floyd Avenue in Riverside last week were diagnosed with parvovirus, including one who has since died.

The East Providence shelter, which has all of the animals from the home, is currently under quarantine, which means it cannot accept any new animals, but it is accepting needed donations.

"Right now mostly blankets, towels, kitten food, puppy food; we're looking for kuranda beds if somebody wants to splurge, they're basically a raised bed that we use," said Animal Control Supervisor Officer William Muggle.

Resident Kathy Santos stopped by Saturday with towels and hot water bottles.

"I got the word out, sent it around to my pet loving friends, and said ‘let’s try to get things buttoned up’," she told NBC10.

Anna Palmieri, with the organization RUFF (Residents United for Furry Friends) out of Warren also stopped by Saturday with a trunk full of donations.

"We're hoping everything turns out well, and all these little ones get adopted," she said.

Muggle says the quarantine will be lifted ten days after the last animal shows signs of parvovirus.

The good news, he said, is that a puppy that contracted the highly contagious and potentially deadly virus is showing signs of improvement.

"The puppy was very sick, is starting to improve so we're keeping our fingers crossed, getting a lot of medication, a lot of TLC," said Muggle.

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