Only on 10: Abandoned kittens found in North Attleborough store, employees say

    Several kittens have good homes after they were allegedly abandoned in the parking lot of a Massachusetts store. (WJAR)

    Several kittens were allegedly abandoned in the parking lot of a Massachusetts store.

    Brian Leech, an employee of the Christmas Tree Shop, told NBC 10 News he discovered a group of kittens outside the North Attleborough location Monday evening during a downpour.

    “Through the wall of the building, I hear this very high-pitched meowing,” Leech said, adding that he found the kittens under a row of shopping carts.

    The kittens, which were soaking wet and hungry, are less than 10 days old.

    But employees rushed to get food and warm blankets for the animals.

    They didn't know what else to do, so they called Christmas Tree Shop Corporate Manager Michelle Miller, who offered to take them home and care for them through the night.

    “They said they called animal control, who said they couldn't take the kittens, so I said I'd come up and take them,” Miller said. “I had a blanket, carrier, towels.”

    The kittens were then brought to the East Greenwich Animal Protection League, where a foster mother is feeding and taking care of them.

    It’s still not clear how or why the kittens were left in the lot. Employees said a mother cat hasn't been spotted, but there's no proof showing someone dumped them.

    Video sent to NBC 10 shows people feeding the trio of kittens in what appears to be the backroom of the store.

    In the video, the kittens repeatedly meow as people pet them.

    “Come on, bud,” one person said while trying to feed one of the kittens. “Come on, little guy.”

    Several store workers said they hope to adopt the animals.

    “Animals are important. Animals are part of our lives,” he said. “They make us happy. They bring us joy.”

    (NBC 10’s Danielle Kennedy contributed to this report.)

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