Science advocates rally at RI State House for Earth Day

Crowd gathering at Rhode Island State House Saturday for the March for Science rally. (NBC10 Photo)

Hundreds of science advocates gathered at the Rhode Island State House to commemorate Earth Day.

The advocates promoting the cause to protect the environment, something many at the rally claim President Trump has no interest in doing.

The participants additionally rallied for support of publicly-funded scientific research organizations and evidence-based policies set by the government.

Participants at the rally included community members, local science teachers and lawmakers.

"The president's budget proposes an 18% reduction in the NIH budget, the national institute for health, that's a 5 billion dollar cut in the budget for the institute. The President signed the repeal of some exectuive orders that protected the quality of our streams," said Rep. David Cicilline.

Activists say the day was not meant to be political but some NBC 10 spoke with says it has to be, "we're aware that there is a climate change denier sitting in the White House and that the policies that his administration are implementing now and are going to implement in the future are going to impact science directly. That's something that needs to be said and really can't be avoided given the situation that we're in," said Rally Organizer, Adam Hyland

Organizers say demonstrations similar to the Rhode Island rally took place in over 500 cities worldwide.

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