Attleboro residents see silver lining despite power outages

“I’ve lived in New England my entire life. I feel like we always get surprised,” Kristy DeStefano of Attleboro said of snowstorms. “They’re not so surprising anymore, I guess.” (WJAR)

Tuesday’s snowstorm left many people across Southern New England in the dark for the third time in about two weeks.

As of 10 p.m., the snow was winding down in Attleboro. But massive snowbanks were piled throughout the area.

While Mayor Paul Heroux said about 2,000 homes were without power at the height of the storm, crews continued to work to restore power well into the night.

The DeStefano’s lost power this afternoon. They also didn’t have power for the other two previous storms.

“We should play the lottery,” Kristy DeStefano joked with NBC 10 News.

Down the street, others were in the dark only for a short time.

Many were just getting power back on following last week’s storm.

“They were really quick with it today,” Zack Jewett said. “It was nice to not have to worry about putting your food out in the snow, your milk and eggs and cheese.”

In North Kingstown, the Sullivan family also spent the day without power.

“We have no TV, so we’re coming out here to enjoy the storm as best we can,” Robert Sullivan said.

But they were glad they dodged power outages from the last two storms.

“Two or three days, we don’t want that,” Donald Blatchford said.

Some traffic lights on Route 4 were out, as well as some nearby homes.

Still, Josh King said he planned to make the best of it and stay home to read.

“I have a good book inside,” King said.

Many others were also just trying to stay positive through yet another New England storm.

“With this weather, all you can do is play in the snow and take your grandson out and have a good time,” Sullivan said.

DeStefano shared similar sentiments.

“I’ve lived in New England my entire life. I feel like we always get surprised,” she said. “They’re not so surprising anymore, I guess.”

Meanwhile, Heroux said less than 200 homes were still without power around 10 p.m.

As crews work to get those people back on, there is a warming station available at the South Attleboro Fire Station.

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