Attleboro man accused in road rage stabbing ordered held

    Alfred Pond, 49, appears in Attleboro District Court Friday, Sept. 21, 2018, on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. (WJAR)

    An Attleboro man accused of stabbing another man in what police said was a case of road rage has been ordered held without bail.

    Alfred Pond, 49, was arraigned in Attleboro District Court Friday on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

    Police said the confrontation began in Easton and ended in Norton.

    Prosecutors said Pond and 24-year-old Alan Recca, of Taunton, each got out of their cars three separate times. The third time, Pond stabbed Recca in the chest.

    Police said Recca managed to take a picture of Pond's license plate and drove to find help.

    Norton police later released the 911 call made after Recca was stabbed.

    "I've never been stabbed before, so I'm kind of freaking out," he tells a dispatcher, who instructs him to keep pressure on the wound.

    Emergency dispatch: “Alright, do you have something you can hold over the wound?

    Recca: "I'm keeping my hands and shirt over it."

    Emergency dispatch: “Alright, do that."

    Authorities later found Pond at his Attleboro home, where investigators said he confessed and led them to the knife he threw in the woods near the stabbing scene.

    While Recca was listed in serious condition at Rhode Island Hospital, Pond is due back in court next week for a dangerousness hearing.

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