Attleboro woman accused of abandoning horses faces misdemeanor charges

    An Attleboro woman faces a misdemeanor charge after abandoning her three horses on a Connecticut farm. (Iron Horse Farm LLP)

    An Attleboro woman is facing a misdemeanor charge for allegedly abandoning three horses at a farm.

    The Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said Eva Berndt of Attleboro dropped off three horses to a private farm in Burrillville in August.

    Berndt surrendered Friday at the Burrillville Police Department and was given a summons to court.

    The farm's owner allowed Berndt to leave her animals on the property free of charge, but said it was up to her to feed them and support them financially, something she allegedly did not do.

    The property owner of the barn and Christine Cooper, who keeps her own horse on the property as well, said they’ve both collectively been taking care of the three horses.

    "We both reached out on multiple occasions," said Cooper. "It was always, 'Oh, I’ll get there. I’m coming. I’ll get there, or I can’t make it today, I have a doctor’s appointment.'"

    "There was always an excuse why the feed, hay, and shavings were never brought," she said.

    Because Berndt never showed up, the property owner spent thousands of dollars out of pocket to feed the horses to make sure they didn't starve.

    Cooper decided to act and called the RISPCA in December after months of no-shows and excuses.

    Even though the horses were fed by the property owner, they were still underweight.

    "That made it a harder case for the SPCA to come in because they weren’t totally neglected," said Cooper.

    The RISPCA is currently investigating the case.

    As of now, two of the horses, Rosie and Lacey, have a new home on a farm in Connecticut. They were adopted by a vet technician.

    The third horse, Duke, is in the process of being adopted by Cooper.

    "They are very happy there running in an open field, which is the way it should be," said Cooper. "These three horses needed help and there was help to be given all she had to do was ask."

    NBC 10 News attempted to reach Berndt but was unsuccessful.

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