Authorities offer safe grilling tips


Grilling season has the potential to create fire danger.

The Narragansett Fire Department tweeted Monday about a fire with a grill up against the house.

"Safe Grilling tip 101 -- keep it away from the home,” the department wrote.

Chief Steven Pinch of the Union Fire District in South Kingstown has some tips, too.

“A minimum of at least 10 feet and you've got to be careful, too. Also, wooden deck railings and things like that. They'll keep it away from the house, but it will catch a pressure-treated deck railing or something like that will be caught on fire," Pinch told NBC 10 News.

He said it’s also best to make sure the grill is not a grease hazard.

“Most people like to cook on the gas grill, but nobody really likes to clean it,” Pinch said.

If a grill hasn't been used in a while or you're not familiar with it, like using one at a rental property, give it a good inspection.

“So, they want to open it up, look inside, make sure there's no animal nests or anything like that in there, make sure all the connections are tight,” Pinch said. “If they do smell gas when they turn it on, obviously that can be a problem. They want to make sure a professional checks it out.”

But if flames do flare up, Pinch offered some advice.

“We're always cautious recommending people fight fires on their own because small things turn into big things and sometimes people get hurt,” he said. “But some baking soda close by, a dry chemical fire extinguisher, but definitely you don't want to put water on a grease fire.”

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