Barrington hosts yoga pants parade


Hundreds of people took to Barrington streets in protest to an op-ed in the Barrington Times.

The letter, written by Alan Sorrentino, critiques older women who wear yoga pants in public saying the clothing does not compliment a woman over 20 years-old.

"This is way more than yoga pants. It is women fed up with the policing of our wardrobes and our bodies," said parade organizer Jamie Burke.

Sorrentino spoke exclusively with WPRO in the days leading up to the protest and claims he has received death threats since its publication.

He continued to say that his op-ed was just a joke but many are calling his comments sexist.

In the midst of the controversy, Sorrentino has said he doesn't have an issue with yoga pants and even owns a pair of his own.

The protests remained peaceful despite the controversy.

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