Bear destroys Connecticut woman's car

    A bear got inside a Connecticut woman's car and ripped it apart. (WVIT)

    A bear shredded the interior of a Connecticut woman's car.

    The woman was inside a home in Canton when she saw her car lights go on and heard strange noises.

    When she went to investigate, she discovered a black bear inside the vehicle, tearing it apart.

    "The car was open. The bear got in from the driver's side. And the door closed behind him, and apparently he was frantic," said Linda Morad.

    When police arrived, they managed to scare the bear into running off into the woods.

    "And they say, 'You're not going to believe what your car looks like.' And I thought, 'Well, I'll clean it tomorrow.' I don't think this could be cleaned," Morad said.

    An insurance company said the car was totaled.

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