Hello there, bear: Conn. family has unexpected guest

A bear appeared at the back door of a Connecticut family's home. (WVT)

A Connecticut resident received an unexpected guest on her back porch this week -- a large black bear pawing at her sliding glass door.

The homeowner said she was making brownies and that she turned around to see the bear standing at the door.

It's not clear if that's what attracted the bear, but it kept pawing at the door for about 30 minutes.

"Sometimes I let my dogs out in the back and do their thing. But now that seemed pretty aggressive and I may have to rethink letting my dogs out unsupervised," homeowner Charlie Whitney told WVIT.

WVIT reported that the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said they were aware of the incident but did not respond. A neighbor came to assist the homeowner in shooing away the animal.

Officials said they are looking into the bear's behavior to see if any action needs to be taken. They said it's common for bears to come on decks or porches and that it's becoming more frequent as the bear population grows.

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