Bert the pelican gets ride to the south

    Bert the Pelican gets ride to the south. (Jonathan Pascua)

    Bert the Pelican was a rare sight in Rhode Island this winter.

    The Brown Pelican was spotted in Narragansett and gained local fame on social media for its rarity.

    The Pelican was eventually taken to the Wildlife Clinic of Rhode Island with plans that it would eventually be relocated south.

    This Sunday it happened.

    A Lieutenant Firefighter-Paramedic with the Coventry Fire District, Jonathan Pascua, flew the pelican to Ocean City Maryland where the pelican would then fly 2 hours to Cape Fear North Carolina.

    Pascua sometimes flies rescued dogs he said in an email to NBC 10.

    He shared his journey on video.

    Pascua says the government shutdown contributed to a delay in the journey.

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