Best of Both Worlds: Warwick Ice Cream and Del's Lemonade unite

Warwick Ice Cream and Del's Lemonade are together in one tasty pint. (WJAR)

Two Rhode Island businesses are teaming up to create the ultimate summer treat.

It’s Warwick Ice Cream and Del's Lemonade, packed into one tasty pint.

“We love Rhode Island just as much as ice cream,” said Thomas Bucci, who is the production manager of Warwick Ice Cream.

The two companies worked for almost a year to bring the Rhode Island-inspired delicacy to life.

“A lot of work goes into turning ice into ice cream,” says Barry Volson, who works on the Research and Development team for Del's Lemonade. “Of course, lemon is not a real ice cream flavor, so it's something you have to take from scratch and bring it to a full product.”

He went on to add, “You want something that's not only lemony, but delicious, too.”

Del's isn't the only local ingredient packed inside these Warwick Ice Cream pints. The cream comes from Monroe Dairy in East Providence.

“It’s an amazing product, made with all local ingredients, all of the cream and dairy that's in our ice cream comes from local farms here in New England,” said Bucci.

The tangy treat hits stores shelves this week. If all goes well, it should become a permanent fixture.

“It's a nice pleasing taste, you get a nice lemon flavor in the ice cream,” said Volson.

Del's Lemon Ice Cream from Warwick Ice Cream is available at Dave's Marketplace starting Monday August 20. The product should arrive at more stores later this week.

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