Bobcat spotted in Cranston

Alan Penney, of Cranston man, says he snapped this photo of a bobcat roaming through his yard on Scituate Avenue, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018.

A Cranston man said he recently spotted a bobcat roaming through his yard.

Alan Penney said the animal wandered onto his property along Scituate Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

“Bigger than our golden retriever just walking through the yard, probably 50 feet from Scituate Avenue,” Penney told NBC 10 News Thursday.

Penney said he snapped the photo of the bobcat, which ran off when it saw him.

“I thought, ‘This thing is huge,’” Penney said.

Bobcats have been seen in Cranston before.

An NBC 10 story from 2016 shows at least two reported sightings in Western Cranston, not far from where Penney lives with his wife and Golden Retriever, Belle.

“If I don’t see it, I’ll probably be ok with it,” said Chad Johnson, who lives near Penney. “If I come across it when I’m taking the trash out, that’ll be a different story.”

Johnson said he’s not concerned about a bobcat roaming the neighborhood.

“In general, I’m not,” Johnson said. “They’re usually more afraid of us then we are of them.”

Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management said bobcats usually weigh between 13 and 30 pounds.

Officials say they are beneficial to humans because their diets help keep the rodent population in check.

DEM also recommended securing food sources like garbage to prevent bobcats from returning more often.

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