Brown University cancels Rosa Parks house exhibit

Brown University cancels Rosa Parks house exhibit. (File Photo)

Brown University has cancelled an exhibit that was scheduled to display the house of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

In a statement released by Brown University on Thursday, the school said they would not display the Detroit house that is currently in a dispute between external parties.

Back in February, Brown announced that final preparations were underway to bring the house belonging to the family of civil rights pioneer and American icon Rosa Parks to the University from Berlin as part of an exhibition on Parks and the Civil Rights Movement.

The house however is owned by American artist Ryan Mendoza.

The cancelled exhibition that centered on displaying the Detroit house would have taken place in an exhibit space Brown was preparing at a renovated factory building that is the headquarters of WaterFire Providence.

The house arrived in Providence at the end of February and assembly had just begun for the April 3rd exhibit.

Artist Ryan Mendoza owns the Detroit home and had displayed it in Berlin before it traveled to the U.S. in preparation for the Brown exhibition.

Brown says it will immediately begin repackaging the house and arranging to ship it to its next destination, to be determined by Mendoza.

Brown’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, which was organizing the three-month programming and exhibition associated with the house, will continue preparing for a separate exhibition on the Civil Rights Movement and the African American political organizing tradition.

This exhibit was being planned to take place at the same time as the display of the house.

The Civil Rights Movement exhibit will be hosted on Brown’s College Hill campus.

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