Cable Car Cinema in Providence closing

The Cable Car Cinema and Cafe will be closing its doors at the end of April. (WJAR)

After 42 years, the award-winning Cable Car Cinema that shows eclectic offbeat art house films in Providence will close its doors at the end of April.

But the current "fade to black" might not be permanent.

During the day, in the heart of South Main Street in Providence, the Cable Car Cinema doubles as a cafe. Otherwise, it's films that draw the crowds.

Brenna Leaver is a Rhode Island School of Design Junior who lives nearby. She said she will miss the cinema when its gone.

“My favorite one that I saw I think was called, 'Goodnight Mommy,’ which was, like, really good,” Leaver said.

Where else would you see something like that?

“You can't see it in the Cineplex, that's for sure,” Leaver’s father, Brian, who is a RISD Alumni from Amagansett, New York, said.

He remembers seeing the movie “Eraserhead” at the Cable Car “back in the day.”

“That would be a lasting impression. I'll leave it at that,” he said.

Understandably, the owners didn't want to go on camera right now, but in their written statement, they talk about change, fear, excitement, and dread. Citing, among other items, changing habits of media consumption.

They also don't own the building. RISD does.

“We considered adding a story to the Cable Car building, decided that wasn't feasible given the historic nature of the structure of the building,” Jack Silvia, who is with RISD Campus Services, told NBC 10. “We did discuss some concessions and it just didn't seem feasible to them to stay in their current configuration. We were hopeful that they would stay and we'd come to some agreement. And we're sad to see them leave.”

RISD even proposed more of an active collaboration with the Cable Car that never panned out.

Cable Car owners Daniel Kamil and Emily Steffian close their note, writing, “The Cable Car Cinema may emerge in another locale, and in another form. A 'so long', not a 'goodbye'. A fade, not a blackout. Long live cinema!”

Silvia added, “We'll see what happens in the future.”

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