Car crashes into Coventry hair salon

A car crashed into a hair salon on Tiogue Avenue in Coventry, Wednesday, June 13, 2018. (Ed Iannotti)

A car crashed into a hair salon in Coventry on Wednesday morning.

The car went through the side of Godfrey's on Tiogue Avenue at about 10 a.m.. The crash left a hole in the side of the building.

Coventry police said a silver Toyota RAV4 plowed into the occupied building.

The female driver was taken to a hospital to be evaluated. No one else was hurt.

The salon's co-owner was inside the salon with another customer when the crash happened.

The owner told NBC 10 News that the the driver was a client who was parking and confused the accelerator with the brakes.

The car went through a wall where the hair dryers are situated. The owner said she was thankful no one was using them.

The crash caused significant damage inside the salon.

According to police a building inspector was contacted and the building was not condemned.

Police say there are no pending charges and the accident appears to be operator error.

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