Car holding up house it knocked off foundation

A house in Warwick is shown Wednesday, July 18, 2018, a day after it was struck by car. Authorities did not want to move the car for fear the house would collapse. (WJAR)

The owner of a Warwick house that was struck by a car said Wednesday that it will likely have to be demolished.

Authorities left the car where it was for fear removing it would cause the house to fall down.

The car crashed into the home at 835 Warwick Ave. at about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Anthony Perente was inside the home with his mother.

"I just saw him coming towards me and coming towards me and I don't think he's going to stop and then all of a sudden, it just jolted me out of the chair," Perente said Wednesday.

Perente and his mother were in the living room directly above the impact spot.

They said it was like an earthquake.

“Wow. Somebody hit the house," Perente said.

Perente and his mother rushed outside.

A male driver in his 20s and a female passenger were in the vehicle along with a child.

Two people, including Perente’s mother, were taken to a hospital. Both were OK.

The car is going to stay put for a while.

The home was deemed uninhabitable, and the car was keeping it upright.

"Part of the back tires of the car are actually in the basement. It knocked out the foundation wall, so the car might be supporting the house right now," Perente said.

Perente and his mother said that the insurance company is looking at the damage and that it is likely the house will need to be torn down.

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