Caught on Camera: Police seek men in East Greenwich break-ins

The East Greenwich Police Department is asking the public to help them identify three suspects connected to a string of break-ins. (Surveillance footage)

The East Greenwich Police Department is asking the public to help them identify three men who they believe are connected to a string of break-ins.

Authorities on Tuesday said they’ve seen an uptick in break-ins across the west end of town during the last two weeks, with home surveillance footage showing two burglars peeking into a home on Friday night while a third person remained on the lookout.

"First, they tried to put a flashlight here, tried to open the door here, they couldn't get in. Then, they peeked into this window," Mehul Patel, of East Greenwich, told NBC 10 News.

Patel said the burglars used a ladder to climb onto the second story of his home on Shady Hill Drive.

"They opened up the window by force and they get into the house," he said.

But thanks to the alarm, they didn't take anything.

It was a similar story the following night on Princess Pine Drive about two miles away. The homeowner said the burglars got in through a second story window.

"They popped our basement window and that set the security system off," said Bob Ventura, of East Greenwich.

But once again, nothing was stolen.

"I think that our security system, which we're thankful for that we have, literally was a deterrent," Ventura said.

Another home on Juniper Drive was also targeted, according to authorities, who added that the break-ins appear to be related.

Police said all of the homes were broken into between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. and unoccupied at the time. Authorities said that in at least two of the break-ins, ladders were used to access the roofs, with the suspects entering the homes through second-floor windows.

"These house breaks appear to be committed by the same individuals," police said. "They utilized flashlights to maneuver in the dark. Items such as jewelry have been targeted."

Several neighbors said they're taking extra precautions to secure their homes.

"Well, I make sure my alarm is on at night when I’m in the house, which I didn't used to do, and I make sure my gun is well loaded," Bill Pine said.

Police advised residents to be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activity to them at 401-884-2244.

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