Central Falls police officers help save seven lives from burning building

    Photo provided by neighbor.

    Three Central Falls police officers are credited with saving two families from a burning home.

    The fire broke out early Saturday morning on Earle Street and is now being investigated as a case of arson.

    It was 1:30 in the morning, Officer Yomaira Rodriguez was patrolling when she noticed the fire at a home at 137 Earle Street and immediately called it in.

    Two other officers who were nearby, Sergeant Derrick Levasseur and Officer Bari Cameron, responded within seconds and all three jumped into action.

    Levasseur and Cameron removed a couple and three-year-old son asleep on the first floor.

    Officer Rodriguez woke up 4 adults on the second floor and got them out.

    The Central Falls Police Chief Colonel James Mendonca says hero is not a word his department throws around lightly. "But this specific incident displayed an extraordinary act of heroism, if not for their quick actions, undoubtedly, seven people in that house would have perished" according to Colonel Mendonca.

    All residents and the officers are fine.

    The chief says they're working with video obtained from the area and looking to see if there is any more.

    He adds smoke detectors in the home were not working, but it's unclear why.

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