City Council president has no plans to revisit skyscraper proposal

A rendering of the proposed Hope Point Tower in Providence. (Fane Organization)

The head of the Providence City Council isn't planning to try to override a mayoral veto that jeopardizes a plan for a 46-story skyscraper.

Democratic Mayor Jorge Elorza vetoed a zoning change that would've allowed the proposed Hope Point Tower in Providence that if built, would be the tallest building in the state.

The council could override the veto. Council spokesman Billy Kepner said Monday that Council President David Salvatore isn't planning to bring it back for a vote.

Salvatore doesn't support the skyscraper's proposed location and abstained from past votes.

Kepner says councilors who supported the zoning change could bring it back, but it's not on the agenda for Thursday's meeting.

Elorza says he vetoed the change Friday because the city wouldn't have final approval of the tower's design.

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