Owner of kayak found adrift in Warwick comes forward

Coast Guard search for owner of kayak found adrift in Warwick (USCG)

A false alarm caused the United States Coast Guard to search Conimicut Point Beach in Warwick after they found an empty kayak floating in the water Tuesday.

“We received a call from DEM about a green adrift kayak, no persons on board,” United States Coast Guard Petty Officer Samuel Van Lent said.

The search for a potentially missing person continued for almost five hours with no luck, until the owner came forward to claim his kayak.

“We determined that the vessel was just adrift. It broke loose from its mooring and was out there,” Petty Officer Van Lent said.

While it’s good news no one was actually in danger, it still took massive search efforts from the Coast Guard over a simple oversight by the owner.

To help the Coast Guard prevent unnecessary searches so they can focus their efforts on real emergencies, Petty Officer Van Lent offered a few suggestions.

“Ways you can prevent that is by marking your vessel with your name, your phone number, your address -- ways we can get in contact with people so that if we do come in contact with adrift vessel, we can make quick contact with the person and determine if they were on board or not,” he said.

The Coast Guard is also giving away a tool to help you help them.

“We have these, ‘If found, contact…’ stickers,” Petty Officer Van Lent said. “It lists is your name, your phone number and an alternate phone. You can stick these into your kayak and new and small dingy, wherever you’d like. It’d help us extremely.”

Petty Officer Van Lent said you can also easily mark your boat or kayaks with a maker or a laminated piece of paper.

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