Removing Toll Gate principal's name from rock upsets some

Stephen Chrabaszcz (Warwick School District)

The Toll Gate High School community is still split on how to honor a principal who died suddenly in 2016.

The Providence Journal reported that after Toll Gate High School Principal Stephen Chrabaszcz died nearly two years ago his name was spray-painted on a large rock on the school's Warwick campus.

Current Principal Candace Caluori recently ordered the rock be painted completely blue.

Some community members were upset by the erasure and said Caluori's actions were "disheartening."

School Superintendent Philip Thornton said Caluori has the power to paint over the rock. Thornton said the school memorialized Chrabaszcz with a conference room and a garden.

Chrabaszcz's widow said she wasn't upset by the move, but she said she understands how students could be sensitive to the change.

Someone has since spray-painted Chrabaszcz's name on the rock again.

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