Community, elected officials push back against Trump's controversial remarks

News conference condemning President Trumps most recent controversial remarks (NBC10)

Providence, R.I. — President Trump's controversial remarks last week is now causing a stir in Rhode Island.

Elected officials and members of the Rhode Island community Sunday afternoon called for action at a news conference, especially as the week honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. approaches.

Speakers were lining up to get to the podium to condemn the president's controversial remarks directed towards several immigrant communities, mostly from African nations.

“I'm here because I'm outraged,” said Jim Vincent, NACCP Providence president.

And they were angry. especially those who came from the countries targeted by the president’s words, they were most offended.

“My people are creative, strong and hard-working,” said Bernard Georges, Bridges for Haitian Success president.

But it wasn't just the speakers Sunday afternoon who were enraged.

Many NBC 10 viewers online posted their opinions. Some, of those comments heated. While others felt the president wasn't out-of-line for his remarks on developing nations.

For those who disagree with the democratic leadership, we asked Reed and McKee if freedom of speech needs to be considered.

“There's no question here about freedom of speech. No one is suggesting the president can't speak; it's just what he says. Again, it goes to the point of the president the role of the president particularly in this country, is to raise the level of discourse,” said Sen. Jack Reed.

Lt. Gov Daniel McKee thought asking about freedom of speech was irrelevant.

“I agree with the senator, and that's a softball question quite frankly. We all have the right to say what we want to say, but what we say matters,” McKee.

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