Councilman accused of making obscene phone call to teen

John Florez

A Newport city councilman has been charged with making an obscene phone call to a 13-year-old boy he says was sending sexual messages to his daughter.

Police said Councilman John Florez, 46, told them the boy sent lewd, suggestive and threatening messages to his 13-year-old daughter after they met around Halloween.

The councilman said he repeatedly told the boy to stop sending the messages. He said he tried speaking with the boy's grandmother, but the boy prevented him from doing so.

"During the course of their investigation, Newport Police Detectives developed probable cause that Mr. Florez had called the minor and made several explicit threats to harm the minor," police noted in a press release.

Florez obtained a temporary restraining order Dec. 4 that prevents the boy from contacting his daughter. He also filed a complaint in Family Court.

Flores said he plans to fight the charge. He is expected in court Wednesday.

(NBC 10 News contributed to this report.)

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