Couple treats dogs's seizures with cannabis oil

    A couple says cannabis oil stopped seizures in their two dogs.

    Ari and Weizy aren't exactly lap dogs. They love to run and play. But their owners, J.C. and Angie Jenkins, said their dogs weren't always this healthy.

    "One night we came home and his head was bobbling. He had no muscle control and he was really dizzy," J.C. Jenkins said.

    Their veterinarian diagnosed Weizy, and later Ari, with partial grand mal seizures.

    A host of drugs later, the Jenkinses said pills only made the dogs worse. They didn't know what to do until they saw a CNN special about cannabis oil helping a young girl with her seizures.

    "So, we were like, 'Well, it works on people, right?" J.C. Jenkins said.

    J.C. Jenkins used his medical marijuana card to buy some of the oil and now they give the dogs a dose in the morning and one at night.

    They made sure there's no THC in the oil, knowing how bad it can be for dogs. After a few months, J.C. Jenkins said Weizy went from having four seizures a week to none at all.

    "Some of the most useful medicines have been plant-derived, so there's no reason to think it can't offer us some more therapy," Dr. Ladan Mohammed-Zadeh said.

    Mohammed-Zadeh said she would advise her clients to try traditional medicines first and that there needs to be more research.

    But J.C. and Angie Jenkins said this one natural medicine has replaced the pills.

    You should never give dogs marijuana flowers or anything containing THC. You should also consult with a veterinarian before starting any type of therapy like this.

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