Cranston residents dealing with the overflow of the Poccasset River


It’s a common problem-area when there is heavy rains leading to the overflow of the Pocasset River. Residents of Fletcher Avenue in Cranston needing wading boots to slosh through multiple feet of water in some areas on the streets, in yards, and in many residents’ basements.

"I heard the water coming into my basement around 6:00 this morning,” said resident Desiree Oles. “It sounded like somebody turned the faucet on and when you came downstairs it was just coming in right through the foundation of the house."

Oles’ neighbor, Michelle Dubuc has a sump pump that works, but there is close to two feet of standing water in her basement.

"Everything's gone,” said Dubuc. “My washer and dryer have water damage, my brand new air conditioners are gone. Everything down there, it's gone."

Residents worry about emergency vehicles not being able to access the road in the case of a fire or medical call.

"I had seen a fire truck and it had to stop at the top and walk down because they didn't want to get stuck in the water as well,” said Oles.

As temperatures are dropping at night, ice and other dangers are cause for concern.

"The people next door have their electricity cut,” said Dubuc. “How are they going to heat? If the pipes freeze, their pipes are going to burst."

"Whatever water is in the basement is probably going to freeze and whatever water is in the street is probably going to freeze,” added Oles.

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