'Crash Pawtucket' event held to support small businesses

A Crash Pawtucket event is held Monday, Nov. 9, 2015.

An initiative by a city councilor to support small business and build community held its first event in Pawtucket Monday night.

The initiative, called "Crash Pawtucket," may sound dangerous, but city Councilor-at-Large Sandra Cano said she came up with the idea to help foster a sense of community in her city.

"Small business owners are the backbone of our economy and small business owners need our support," Cano said.

The event was held at Doherty's Pub on East Avenue.

A couple of dozen people turned out to have drinks and eat bar food. There was also a raffle drawing and a chance to register to vote.

Cano said the plan is to hold an event on the second Monday of every month.

Community leader Meghan Kallman lives nearby in the Oak Hill neighborhood and said Crash Pawtucket is a good way for people to meet.

"I love Pawtucket. I love my neighborhood. I also really love my city and I was excited at the possibility of working together with a group of other people who really love our city," Kallman said.

Natalia Montoya told NBC 10 News that she's never seen an initiative like this in the nearly 20 years she's lived in Pawtucket.

"Pawtucket has great businesses," Montoya said. "I think that is one of the problems is that people look outside of the city to have fun or to go out to eat when we have great businesses in Pawtucket, and Doherty's is one of them. I love coming here."

Organizers say the next Crash Pawtucket event will be held Dec. 14 at the Burger Bar.

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