Cumberland residents clean up damage after Friday's nor'easter storm


Residents in one Cumberland neighborhood were finally able to leave Saturday after a tree was removed from their road.

The tree fell Friday afternoon across Deborah Street, a dead end off Angell Road that is the only way in and out several roads in the neighborhood.

"We've been stranded. We had to walk around the detour, through the neighbor's house they were very generous enough to let us go through their yard and everything to get back, but yeah it's been kind of scary, no power," said Lisa Dawson who’s grateful no one was hurt. Her son Andrew had just walked home from the bus minutes before it happened.

"He was just there 5 or 10 minutes before that tree went down," she said.

"I got really nervous because there were power lines everywhere," said Andrew of seeing photos of the tree down after he had arrived home.

Other areas of Cumberland also suffered damage.

"Three of the trees fell hit the back of the house, and the wind never stopped it just never stopped," said Holley Antaya who lives on Leigh Road.

The storm took down a total of nine trees in her yard, including one that hit the back corner of her house, which now has a leak.

As of Saturday afternoon, she was among the thousands without power, using ice to keep food cold and propane to stay warm.

"I'm waiting it out, that's all I can do," said Antaya.

"It's crazy but it's New England you never know what to expect," said Linda Dawson.

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