Dozens protest 'inhumane' treatment of immigrant children by the Trump Administration

Dozens protest 'inhumane' treatment of immigrant children by the Trump Administration. (WJAR)

About 60 people took part in a protest Thursday morning in Warwick as part of what's being called "National Day of Action for Children."

Gabriela Domenzain, the Roger Williams University Latino Policy Institute Director, attended the demonstration on Jefferson Boulevard.

"We're joining a national day of action with folks just like us that believe violating refugees human right to migrate, and putting kids or parents in cages, is not something we stand for," said Domenzain.

Participants criticized President Donald Trump's new immigration policies.

Thursday's demonstration took place in front of 300 Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick where a U.S. Customs and Border Protection office is located.

The group was met by two counter-protesters who support President Trump's policies.

NBC 10 spoke with one of the protesters.

The individual didn't want to identify himself, but he said, "If they want to come here, they come here legally and wait in line. Like my grandmother and grandfather did."

According to a Trump administration official testifying to congress in May, within a two week span 638 parents who arrived at the borders with 658 children were prosecuted.

"This is inhumane. International organizations need to get involved. We need to see pictures of these children. We still do not have pictures of children, but we know they're in warehouses," said Domenzain.

The counter-protester who spoke with NBC 10 said, "I don't care about the kids. There are a lot of legal people who have waited 10 to 12 years and paid their dues. If their parents brought them in illegally that's their problem. I don't want to pay for their kids."

Federal officials recently announced plans to move 1,600 detainees awaiting deportation hearings, including some parents, into federal prisons.

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