Emergency contraception vending machine coming to Yale University

    Emergency contraception vending machine coming to Yale University. (NBC Connecticut)

    A university in New Haven will soon make emergency contraception available to students.

    A vending machine will be set up at a wellness space at Yale University, which will offer over the counter medications, condoms, and Plan B, also known as the "morning after pill."

    "There will definitely be Plan B in there and there will definitely some sort of other over the counter medications and there will definitely be condoms available near the machine," said Yale College Council Senator, Ileana Valdez.

    Student government leaders said the inspiration came from a similar health and wellness machine at California's Stanford University.

    "This idea took off on campus because most of the students don't have cars so the nearest pharmacy is a pretty long walk away, especially with the installation of the new colleges," explained Valdez.

    According to Valdez, the machine will be installed before students leave for winter vacation. The machine will be located in the Good Life Center at Silliman College.

    "I think it makes it a lot more accessible to students especially since this is much closer to where a lot of students," said Yale University Junior, Larissa Nguyen.

    Yale students already have access to Plan B for free at the health center on Lock Street.

    Valdez said the College Council is working on advertising Plan B's 24/7 availability at the health center.

    "I definitely don't think enough students know. It's kind of not made clear on the websites," said Trina White, a junior at the school. "I think cause Yale doesn't want to be super public with it, but it would be great if there could be more communication about that."

    Valdez said that having the machine "gets rid of the fear that one might have going to the health center and having to talk someone especially if this is something that's happening late at night."

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