Fall River dispensary begins recreational marijuana sales

    Customers who made reservations online wait to enter Northeast Alternatives in Fall River, the first recreational marijuana shop in Bristol County, Jan. 20, 2019. (WJAR)

    A medical marijuana dispensary in Fall River is planning to begin sales of recreational marijuana on Sunday.

    Northeast Alternatives says sales will begin at noon.

    Customers for the retail shop cannot just show up. They must reserve an entry time through a mobile app or a text message. The electronic queue opens at 11:30 a.m.

    "The only way customers will be allowed into our parking lot is to show a text message from this service stating that they have reached the front of the line and have been summoned," Chris Hawkins, CEO of Northeast Alternatives said in a statement. "All others will be handed an informational card outlining the process by which they may join the line and turned away."

    Hawkins said there is reserved parking for Massachusetts medical marijuana patients. They must show their medical marijuana card to enter the parking lot.

    Hawkins said the store will have a "wide variety of flower, concentrates, and vaporizer cartridges/pens."

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