Feroce lands at No. 2 on annual list of tax delinquents

    Giovanni Feroce

    Rhode Island tax officials have released the list of their top 100 tax delinquents who owe the state a total of $43 million in taxes.

    The practice of the state Division of Taxation publishing the names of tax delinquents began in 2004 as a last resort by the state to collect from the biggest debtors. The Providence Journal reported that this year's list includes admitted tax cheats, convicted felons and a failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Giovanni Feroce.

    The state said Feroce, the third-place finisher in the Republican primary, owes them about $1 million in personal income taxes, placing him at No. 2 on the list of top 100 personal income tax delinquents.

    Feroce said he is "focused on the future and will ensure all obligations are met."

    The state said William and Marielle Reilly of Boca Raton, Florida, top the list. They owe about $1.9 million.

    Retired boxer Vinny Paz owes about $375,000, according to the state.

    There are two lists, one for personal income tax delinquents and a second for business tax delinquents.

    The Division of Taxation said it notified taxpayers 30 days in advance that their names would be published.

    "Each taxpayer on the list, having been notified, has chosen not to pay the delinquency and not to enter into a reasonable agreement to pay the outstanding debt in reasonable installments," the division said on its website.

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